LSML 01: Issues in Modern Hindi Literature

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Issues in Modern Hindi Literature
Ghanshyam Sharma (ed.)
“Issues in modern Hindi literature” brings together influential articles written by researchers – both eminent and emerging – who examine and discuss various burning issues in modern Hindi literature such as modernism, the modern literary hero, poetics of the displaced, the role of folk culture, women’s perspective in literature, experimentation with truth in biographies, the self-realization of heroines, representation of Muslims and regional communities in literature, transformations in the old Indian aesthetics, Bollywood music, the Loriki epic, humanistic perspectives, experiments with Hindi lexicon and the portrayal of women. The volume thus encapsulates results of detailed research carried out by some leading Hindi scholars on a wide range of topics, gives a rich and in-depth account of the vitality of current research, and provides the reader with a snapshot of current developments in modern Hindi literary criticism which will undoubtedly broaden our understanding of modern Hindi literature.
Purushottam Agrawal
Interrogating child-marriage: A scene from Dadu Janamlila by Jan Gopal
Richard Delacy
The Literary Novel in Hindi in the Age of Economic Liberalization: From Progressive Prose to the Consuming Subject of Capital
Anna Chelnokova
Looking for a New Identity: The Hindi Literary Hero in the Twenty-First Century
Matthew Reeck
Exiles at Home: The Poetics of the Displaced in Uday Prakash’s “Exiled from Poetry and Country”  
Annie Montaut
The oral dimension of folk culture in Hindi literature: two example
Imre Bangha
Women’s angle on life and stories: The short stories of Chandra Kiran Sonrexa  
Monika Browarczyk
Their Stories of Experiments with Truth: Contemporary Hindi Autobiographies by Women  
Guzel Strelkova
Self-realization of a Heroine in Novels by Hindi Women Writers
Peter Friedlander
Candrakāntā and the epic of Lorikī  
Christine Everaert
Muslims Seen Through The Literature of Rāhī Māsūm Razā  
Veronica Ghirardi
Hariyā Hercules kī Hairānī: Reading the Novel Through the Lens of the Kumaoni Community  
Teresa Miążek
Transformations of old-Indian aesthetics towards demands of modern public as depicted in selected works by Agyeya  
Ghanshyam Sharma
Humanism in Kunwar Narain’s Literary World  
Julia Szivak
Prem kī apnī alag bolī, alag bhāsā hai Linguistic analysis of Bollywood film song lyrics written by Javed Akhtar  
Péter Sági
A thorough vocabulary analysis of Mamta Kalia’s prose literature
Ram Prasad Bhatt
The Portrayal of Women in Shailesh Matiyani’s Short Stories  
ISBN 9783862889396 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Modern Literature 01. 428 pp. 2019.
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