LSLL 25: Ecocriticism Poeticised: English Ecopoetics, 1980 – 2015

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Ecocriticism Poeticised: English Ecopoetics, 1980 – 2015
Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem
Hurghada University
This book has been written with the aim to spotlight the English ecopoetic works created during the last third of the twentieth century and the first two decades of the twenty-first century. A big number of poets nowadays write about nature elements or advocate ecocosmopolitan matters. Just as some ecocritical investigations have been applied to medieval and Romantic work, contemporary poetry too could be assessed by using the principles of ecocriticism. Ecological studies have been connected to other religious, historical, philosophical and sociological disciplines.
Ecocriticism has emerged as an essential byproduct of the development of environmentalism during the 1990s. It has intended to apply the ecological and environmentalist concepts to the study of literary works. This book has been prepared to illustrate the notion of environmentalism in the contemporary era, its origins and features, and how it has been tackled and represented in modern or current English poetry. If we look at contemporary English poetry, we shall find a great number of poets who are interested in environmental matters. The focus is mainly laid  on the different and stimulating oeuvre of recent or present-day British ecopoets.                                                                                                         

ISBN 9783969390436. LINCOM Studies in Language and Literature 25. 70pp. 2021.

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