LSIEL 29: General and applied Romani linguistics

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General and applied Romani linguistics

Proceedings from the 6th International Conference on Romani Linguistics
Barbara Schrammel, Dieter W. Halwachs & Gerd Ambrosch

The volume ‘General and applied Romani linguistics’ presents papers form the 6th International Conference on Romani Linguistics 2002 in Graz, Austria. The collection reflects recent trends in Romani linguistics. The last decades of saw both an intensification of the traditional subdisciplines, such as descriptive linguistics and dialectology, as well as the emergence of new subdisciplines, e.g. computational linguistics and sociolinguistics. Parallel to this Romani linguists, using Romani as an unique and valuable language sample, more and more participated in theoretical linguistic discussion.

Section 1 contains two papers on dialectology. Matras proposes a groundbreaking new approach to the classification of Romani dialects, while Igla concentrates on the internal classification of a particular dialect group of Romani. Section 2 features descriptive studies on Romani varieties with little documentation so far (Sechidou on a Greek Romani dialect, Cherenkov on a Russian dialect, Adiego on Spanish Caló and Lapov on Romani varieties in Croatia). The papers in section 3 all discuss language change in Romani. Some are concerned with contact-induced language change (Schrammel, Draganova and to some extent Pirttisaari), others discuss language internal change (Boretzky, Simonsen). Section 4 finally introduces computational Romani linguistics with a paper by Granquist on a morphological parser for Romani. The final section contains papers on different aspects of Romani sociolinguistics (Friedman on the future of Romani in Macedonia, Petrović & Stefanović on Roma refugees in Kosovo, Marushiakova & Popov on the communication of nomadic Gypsy groups).


1. Romani dialectology

Yaron Matras: The classification of Romani dialects: A geographic-historical perspective

Birgit Igla: Sinti-Manuš: Aspects of classification

2. Descriptive studies on individual Romani dialects

Lev. N. Cherenkov: The Plaščuny and their dialect

Irene Sechidou: The dialect of Ajios Athanasios

Ignasi-Xavier Adiego: The Vestiges of Caló Today

Zoran Lapov: The Romani groups and dialects in Croatia. With a special emphasis on the Romani borrowings in the Croatian language

3. Language change with and without contact

Desislava Draganova: Turkish verbs in Bulgarian Romani

Barbara Schrammel: Borrowed verbal particles and prefixes: A comparative approach

Helena Pirttisaari: A functional approach to the distribution of participle suffixes in Finnish Romani

Norbert Boretzky: Metathesis and other, functionally related, sound changes in Romani

Gitte Grønning Simonsen: Semantic changes in body parts from Sanskrit to Romani

4. Computational linguistics

Kimmo Granqvist: ROMTWOL - An implementation of a two-level morphological processor for Finnish Romani

5. Sociolinguistics

Victor A. Friedman: The Romani language in Macedonia in the third millennium: progress and problems

Jelena Petrović & Lada Stefanović: Socio-linguistic aspects of language of Roma refugees from Kosovo - A comparative study

Elena Marushiakova & Vesselin Popov: Communications between nomadic Gypsy groups

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