LSIEL 24: Tense in Persian

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Tense in Persian

Its Nature and Use

Behrooz Mahmoodi Bakhtiari

TENSE IN PERSIAN: ITS NATURE AND USE, is a comprehensive work on the Persian tense system, which is composed in 6 chapters.

1) Theoretical preliminaries
2) Review of the related literature
3) The morphology of Persian tenses
4) The semantics of Persian tenses
5) Tense in the Persian discourse
6) Summary and conclusion.

The theoretical framework chosen for this study was Comrie's (1985) work TENSE, but some other important books such as Dahl (1985) TENSE AND ASPECT SYSTEMS, and Decklerk (1991)'s work TENSE IN ENGLISH have been used. Covering the different aspects of the Persian tense, the book can be useful for those interested in TAM studies, specially those who are interested in Indo-European linguistics.

ISBN 9783895866746. LINCOM Studies in Indo-European Linguistics 24. 220pp. 2002.

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