LSCHL 13: Zhangzhou Southern Min: Syllables and Phonotactics

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Zhangzhou Southern Min: Syllables and Phonotactics
Yishan Huang
Australian National University
This volume provides a comprehensive description of the syllables and phonotactics of the Zhangzhou language, a form of Southern Min (Hokkienese) that is spreading in Mainland China and beyond. Three major research goals have been achieved. First, it directly fills the gap in syllabic and phonotactic studies of Zhangzhou using contemporary phonetics and phonology, grounded in a substantial set of field data. Second, it provides a descriptive framework of the sound structure of Zhangzhou, intended for an international audience, building on our typological knowledge of Sinitic languages. Third, it aligns with the author's other related monographs : Zhangzhou Southern Min: Rhyme Tables, Homonyms, Heteronyms, and Vernacular Documentation (2019) and Tones in Zhangzhou: Pitch and Beyond (2020) building a series that focuses on the phonetics and phonology of Zhangzhou Southern Min. 
ISBN  9783862900817 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Chinese Linguistics 13. 162pp. 2020.
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