LSASL 52: Japanese Postpositions: Theory and Practice

Référence: ISBN 9783895861116

Japanese Postpositions: Theory and Practice

Noriko Katsuki-Pestemer
University of Trier

This handbook gives the reader an overview of Japanese postpositions which have a wide range of functions, such as case marking, adverbial, copulative, conjunctive and modality expressing roles. The aim of this book is to provide the reader general linguistic features with a wealth of concrete examples. Therefore, this introduction to Japanese postpositions, on the one hand, facilitates learners of Japanese at all levels in understanding its structures and their meanings and thus using them correctly. On the other hand, it enables linguists to gain an insight into the case system and syntactic structures of the Japanese language; it also clarifies the agentless features, a strong dependency on the context for understanding texts or discourse; and finally the manifestations of subjectivity inherent to the Japanese language. Suggestions for further reading, which are given in footnotes, enable students and researchers to find their way to more detailed fields of Japanese linguistics.

Noriko Katsuki-Pestemer is Lecturer of Japanese language and Japanese linguistics at the University of Trier. She is the author of Japanese textbooks for undergraduate students at German universities: Grundstudium Japanisch Volume 1 (1990) and Volume 2 (1991); Japanisch für Anfänger Volumes 1 and 2 (1996).

ISBN 9783895861116 (2nd edition). LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 48. 210pp. 2003.

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