LSASL 50: An Academic Reference Grammar of Modern Literary Uzbek

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An Academic Reference Grammar of Modern Literary Uzbek

András J. E. Bodrogligeti
University of California, Los Angeles

The work is a comprehensive descriptive grammar of Modern Uzbek, the official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Its objective is to present amply illustrated rules for proper understanding of Uzbek grammatical expression and provide a guide for educated Uzbek composition.

It is the author's conviction that this is the best way to serve the users' interest in the present evolutionary stage and political-cultural milieu of the Uzbek language.

The categories of the "normative" grammar of the Soviet imperial period were loosened up and revised especially in verbal inflection and syntax. New rules were created or some old ones modified, as authentic data required. Illustrations were used from works of Uzbek writers and poets from the twenties to the present and from data collected in numerous field trips. The selected illustrations are not only linguistically relevant but in the majority of cases provide an insight into the cultural content of the language.

Works on Uzbek grammar by native Uzbek authors were duly considered. The traditional arrangement of materials was followed not only to keep this grammar closer to the native grammatical literature but also to promote greater efficiency in learning by the users.

The Uzbek material is used in the Cyrillic alphabet, mainly because the sources they come form were comosed and printed in that writing system. Although The Uzbek Supreme Council in its 13th session on September 2, 1993 introduced a new Latin based writing system, it leaves the Cyrillic in place partly for practical reasons, partly to secure access to the literary heritage of the Soviet period. During his resent visits [2001; 2003] to Uzbekistan the author got the impression that the Uzbeks are not going to give up the Cyrillic writing system any time soon.

Vol. I.: ISBN 9783895866944. LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 50. 690pp. 2003.

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