LLC 12/2: Speaking Sitimaxa (3 Vol.)

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Speaking Sitimaxa (3 Vol.)

A Learner's Grammar and Reader

Vol. 2: Reader (plus audio CD)

Julian Granberry
Native American Language Services

The Sitimaxa (Chitimacha) language of southern Louisiana has not been spoken since the death of its last native speakers, Chief Benjamin Paul and Delphine Decloux, in 1934 and 1940 respectively. We are fortunate, however, to have both excellent written grammar and vocabulary materials on the language gathered by the professional linguists Morris Swadesh and Mary Haas in the 1930’s as well as recordings of many stories and tribal folk-tales made for them by Chief Paul and Mrs. Decloux.

These resources provide the materials for the present volume, which is designed to be used for beginning learners of this unusually beautiful and expressive language.

Vol. 2: Reader (plus audio CD): ISBN 9783929075878. LINCOM Language Coursebooks 12/2. 52pp. 2009.

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