LINGram 24: A Simplified Grammar of the Pali Language

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A Simplified Grammar of the Pali Language

E. Müller

I intended to help the students of Buddhistical literature, by collecting the idiomatical pecularities of the sacred language, comparing it chiefly to Sanskrit, and in a few cases also to other Indian vernaculars. As the publication of Pali texts has taken so wide dimensions during the last ten years, I thought it would not be out of place to consider and work out the new materials that have come into our possession through these books, mostly unknown to those who made Pali grammar an object of their study (from the preface). Contents: Alphabet, pronunciation, vowels, change of vowels, change of quantity, nasal vowels, vowels added or dropped, consonants, general remarks referring to consonants of different classes, compound consonants, rules of Sandhi, declension, comparison of adjectives, pronominal inflexion, numerals, conjugation, Valâhassajâtaka (Re-edition; originally published 1884 in London; written in English)

ISBN 9783862900756. LINCOM Gramatica 24. 163pp. 2011.

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