LE 119: Language, Media and Technologies: Usages, Forms and Functions

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Language, Media and Technologies: Usages, Forms and Functions
Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng, Camilla Arundie Tabe & Daniel Nkemleke (eds.)
University of Maroua, University of Maroua,  University of Yaoundé I
This book analyses from various perspectives topical and empirical issues related to language, media and technologies. To be more precise, the book studies the revitalisation of minority languages through the media, the pragmatics of condolence messages in online news fora, the use of corpora to analyse of grammatical items, punctuation in cyber texts, the conceptualisation of social ills such as corruption in online media, the gendered use of language in chat groups, issues on language and identity in online fora and digital practices such as internet memes. The volume comprises 10 papers whose data were collected from questionnaire, participant observation, written materials, online and audio-visual sources, just to name a few. The analyses done in the various papers are sociolinguistic, cognitive, graphological, morphological, lexical, discursive, semantic, pragmatic, etc.
Table of contents:
Alain Flaubert Takam: Revitalisation of minority languages through the media: the Cameroon experience         
Bernard Mulo Farenkia: The pragmatics of condolence messages in a cameroonian online news forum 
Daniel Nkemleke: Frequency, meaning and contextual features of modals in the corpus of Cameroon English
Camilla Arundie Tabe: Does punctuation matter? The changing nature of cyber texts with reference to cameroonian email and facebook
Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng: On the conceptualisation of corruption metaphors in Cameroon online media           
Jean Pierre Atouga: Women predicament in war situation: an investigation on language used on online media
Mun Woo Lee: Gender inequality in cyberspace: the case of misogynous internet language in Korea     
Comfort Oben Beyang Ojongnkpot: Language and identity in the discourse of a whatsapp chat group  
Florian Busch and Johannes C. P. Schmid: Internet memes as digital practices:  stock character macros in multimodal structure, function, and metapragmatic reflexivity
Edmund Bamiro: Textual functions of metaphor in Nigerian literature: the example of Soyinka and Achebe         
ISBN 9783862889266. Linguistics Edition 119. 246pp. 2019.
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