LE 112: Approaches to Language and Discourse

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Approaches to Language and Discourse
Carmela Perta
Università G. d’Annunzio
This collection of papers aims at showing the interface between different approaches to the study of language. For this reason, two perspectives of analysis are used in the volume: from one side the internal one, intended to describe the language structure, and the external one, according to which speakers’ language uses, along with the variation associated to their discourse, are delineated and explained.
The first two papers, Unaccusativity in Italian and English and Italian si, focus on the description of particular linguistic features. The bridge between the papers related to the description of language structure and those related to speakers’ linguistic activity is Variability in acceptability judgements. The following papers, Variation and indeterminacy in native and non-native speakers’ intuitions and Speakers’ discourse in multilingual settings, have speakers as the central point of investigation; in the former case showing the systematic variation in the intuitions of native and non-native grammars of Italian and in the latter, analysing speakers’ language uses in multilingual contexts.
ISBN 9783862888450. Linguistics Edition 112. 133pp. 2017.
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