LCS 19: Playing on the Lion’s Back: Cameroon Theatre and Social Consciousness

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Playing on the Lion’s Back:
Cameroon Theatre and Social Consciousness
A Festschrift in Honor of Bole Butake
Victor S. Dugga and Rosalyn Mutia (eds.)
Federal University of Lafia; University of Yaounde 1
Playing On The Lion’s Back: Cameroon Theatre And Social Consciousness celebrates the ideology and dramaturgy of an iconic Cameroonian theatre scholar and pedagogue, Bole Butake. It does not only cut across but also traces the nexus between the diverse but related gamut of theatrical terminology: theater and politics, popular theatre, agit-prop theater, Guerilla theatre, theatre for change and development, playwriting and directing, staging and stagecraft, textual analysis, theater and literary criticism and much more. The twelve chapters together find and highlight the interconnection between the dramatist, political and ideological commitment and the state. As a seminal compilation of analyses of the entire oeuvre of Bole Butake, Playing on the Lion’s Back can serve as a fitting introduction to the plethora of issues related to the polemics, dynamics and phenomena of power and power sharing in postcolonial nations like Cameroon. It aptly portrays the Cameroonian scene of the struggle to keep together a nation composed of two groups of different people brought together at the inception of nationhood in spite of their divergences stemming from different colonial experiences. And shows how these divergences, if coupled with misrule, can result into socio-economic, socio-political and infrastructural setbacks for the entire nation.
Victor S. Dugga
Playing on the Lion’s Back? Bole Butake’s Committed Theatre in Cameroon
Eckhard Breitinger
“This country is very unpredictable”: Encounters with Bole Butake, his home turf and his plays - Mbuh Tennu Mbuh: ‘To be or not to be’ an Anglophone Cameroon Writer: Mediating Anglophone Cameroon Nationalism in the Plays of Bole Butake
Victor N. Gomia
Some Theoretical Considerations in Defence of Radio Drama as a Tool for Grassroots Mobilization
Emelda Ngufor Samba
Theatre and Socio-cultural Evolution: Mainstreaming Theatre in Environmental Education with Children
Christopher Odhiambo Joseph
Theatre of the Oppressor: A Reading of Butake’s Family Saga
Evangeline Agwa Fomukong and Mforteh Stephen Ambe
Change Dynamics: Lexico-grammatical and Figurative Usage in Bole Butake’s Family Saga     
Rosalyn Mutia
From Menials to Matriarchs: The Evolving Role of Women in Bole Butake’s Plays  
Tambu Mba
War. War and Woman Power: A ‘Theasemiotic’ Rereading of Bole Butake’s Blue Cover Plays  
Frida Menkan Mbunda-Nekang
The Supernatural Character in Bole Butake’s Lake God and And Palm Wine-Will Flow  
JK Bannavti
Deploying the Mythopoetic Infrastructure in Bole Butake’s Theatre
Hussein Tsaku
Re-reading Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong’s Rituals in Cameroon Drama: A Semiological Interpretation of the Plays of Gilbert Doho, Bole Butake and Ndumbe Eyoh.
ISBN 9783969390207. LINCOM Cultural Studies 19. 158pp. 2022.
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