LBR 01: Moroccan Short Stories: A Bilingual Reader (Arabic – English)

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Moroccan Short Stories

A Bilingual Reader

(Arabic – English)


Translated by Ali Almanna (University of Nizwa) &  Michael Fitz-Gerald Hall


This volume, ‘Moroccan Short Stories: a Bilingual Reader’, features ten short stories written by leading authors of the short story from modern-day Morocco. This bilingual reader is ideal for 1) those who would like to read some contemporary Arabic literature albeit in translation, 2) intermediate to advanced students of Arabic who are looking to improve their reading skills and widen their literary vocabulary and 3) native Arabic readers who are keen to improve their English. The collection features stories in both English and Arabic, prefaced by a brief author biography. In addition to works by writers already well-known in the West such as Mohammed Shukri and Muhammad Zifzaf, key authors whose fame has been restricted to the Middle East are also included, such as Ahmed Buzafur, Anees al-Rif’ai, Abdul-Hamid al-Gharbawi, Jubran Abu Marwan al-Krnawi, Idris al-Khuri, Mubarak Husni, Zarhar Zizawi and Abdul-Raheem Mua'din.

In translating into English the ten stories in this volume, a number of difficulties presented themselves, the thorniest being that of code-switching from standard Arabic into non-standard Arabic. To tackle this, the translators have opted for preserving something of the flavour of the speech and social background of the individual character. Hopefully, this bilingual collect-ion of short stories by various Moroccan writers will help to bring a glimpse of the vitality and vibrancy of current north-west African Arabic literature to a far wider public.

Contents: Mohammed Shukri: A Spider's Tissue - Abdul-Hamid al-Gharbawi: Face - Jubran Abu Marwan al-Krnawi: The crow of a cock that loves life - Idris al-Khuri: Narcissus - Mubarak Husni: The Sitting Woman - Muhammad Zifzaf: James Joyce - Anees al-Rif’ai: The Beach - Zarhar Zizawi: The sun surely swelled! - Ahmed Buzafur: The Depths of the Heart - Abdul-Raheem Mua'din: The Seventh Zero.


ISBN 9783862886456. LINCOM Bilingual Readers 01. 141pp. 2015.

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