Aspetti prosodici della dittongazione spontanea in alcuni dialetti italo-romanzi (e-paper)

Référence: ISBN 9783862884452[1]

Aspetti prosodici della dittongazione spontanea in alcuni dialetti italo-romanzi

Giovanni Abete
Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘Federico II’
This paper examines the phonetic outcomes of spontaneous diphthongization in Italian dialects and, in particular, the synchronic monophthong/diphthong alternation which characterizes several varieties of Southern Italian. The phonetic analysis concentrates on the structural factors which impinge on this alternation, with special reference to the role played by prosodic position and variations in segmental duration. This research is based on spontaneous speech data produced by 24 adult male speakers from four regions of Southern Italy and recorded in the field. Vowel durations and formant trajectories in several prosodic positions were analyzed in order to describe the distribution and characteristics of the diphthongal outcomes in these Italian dialects. Results throw new light on the monophthong/diphthong alternation as a function of prosodic position, and on changes in the diphthong trajectories induced by especially short vowel productions. It is argued that the two mechanisms of variation have a different nature and operate at different hierarchical levels.
In: Sánchez Miret, Fernando & Daniel Recasens (eds.). 2013. Studies in phonetics, phonology and sound change in Romance. ISBN 9783862884452[1]: 7-22. (pdf e-paper)
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