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LSCOM 01: Style in Religious Communication in Nigeria

Référence: ISBN 9783895864964

Style in Religious Communication in Nigeria

Akin Odebunmi and Adeyemi O. Babajide (eds)
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The book, which contains twelve well-developed chapters, explores different aspects of style in the contexts of Christianity, Islam and traditional religion in Nigeria with insights from such disciplines as linguistics, literature and music. The goal is to facilitate access to the meaning intended in the communication and reveal the stylistic distinctiveness of this communication as projected through such media as advertisements, sermons, scriptural language, the internet, home videos, music, orature and poetry.

The various chapters examine the forms and functions of the expressions and other communicative tools (such as musical instruments, non-verbal cues, etc) engaged by the religious communicators to describe and exemplify their messages; situate, clarify and magnify their points; and assure, reassure, challenge and satirise their audience.This approach promises better appreciation and interpretation of religious discourses in Nigeria and the world as a whole.


The Stylistics of Religious Electronic Media Advertisements in Nigeria AKIN ODEBUNMI

A Stylistic Study of Muslim Sermons in Southwestern Nigeria K.K OLANIYAN & A.G. OYEKOLA

A Speech Act Analysis of Christian Religious Speeches SOLA BABATUNDE

Tenor in Electronic Media Christian Discourse in Nigeria ROTIMI TAIWO

Thematic Structures in Isaiah 49 KAYODE OGUNLEYE & SADE OLAGUNJU

Phonological Features of Electronic Media Christian Sermons S.A. ALADEYOMI

Structural and Syntactic Differences in Selected Verses of Three Versions of the Holy Bible E.T. BABALOLA

The Poetics of Songs: An Analytical Stylistic Study of Solomon’s The Song of Solomon and p. Bitek’s Song of Lawino ADEYEMI O. BABAJIDE

The Praise ‘n’ Worship Musical Style of the Contemporary Nigerian Avant Garde (Charismatic) Christian Church FEMI ADEDEJI

Style in Christian Home Videos in Nigeria AKIN ADETUNJI

ISBN 9783895864964. LINCOM Studies in Communication 01. 284pp. 2007.

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