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LSCOM 16: Stylistics (e-book)

Référence: ISBN 9783862901524

Arabic and English Rhetorical and Linguistic Analysis
Hussein Abdul-Raof
Taibah University
Stylistics: Arabic and English Rhetorical and Linguistic Analysis is a methodologically consistent book on linguistic stylistics and is an academic must have. Stylistic analysis is empirical and forensic. The book addresses an academic and market need for a book on stylistics that combines three different languages, accounts for 11 different genres, and investigates modern and classical literary and non-literary texts. The book explores modern and classical genres of Arabic, English, and Qur'anic Arabic and provides a valuable academic resource for Arabic studies, English studies, Islamic/Qur'anic studies, and contrastive linguistics. The book offers over 1000 examples for an exhaustive analysis of the figures of speech and the grammatical, semantic, and morphological features that have occurred in each text (genre). It offers an insight into the theoretical aspects of stylistics, style, and text. It is an account of the rhetorical (literary) and linguistic features of the three different languages. It provides an in-depth analysis of text typology and gives a detailed definition, the distinctive characteristics, and purpose of each genre.
Hussein Abdul-Raof (formerly University of Leeds) is a Professor of Linguistics and Translation Studies, Department of Languages and Translation, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia.
LINCOM Studies in Communication 16. 704pp. 2020.
ISBN 9783862901524 (e-book, pdf)..
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15 - 15 sur 18 résultats