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LINGram 149: Egyptian Grammar

Référence: ISBN 9783862882045

Egyptian Grammar

with table of Signs, Bibliography, Exercises and Reading and Glossary

Adolf Erman

Translated by James Henry Breasted

The Egyptian language is related to the Semitic languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic), to the East-African languages (Bischari, Galla, Somali), and to the Berber languages of North-Africa. The language of its oldest monuments belongs as far back as the fourth millenium B.C. and did not entirely die out until three centuries ago (from the preface). Contents: Orthography and Phonetics, pronouns, nouns (gender, number, genitive, article), verbs (classes, voice, inflection, compunds, imperative, nominal forms), particles, sentence (nominal sentence, the parts of the sentence, kinds of sentences), table with signs, exercises for reading, glossary (re-edition; originally published 1894, London).

ISBN 9783862902045. LINCOM Gramatica 149. 295pp. 2011.

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