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LSASL 91: Qashqai Turkic

Référence: ISBN 9783862889877

Qashqai Turkic
A Comprehensive Corpus-based Grammar
Sohrab Dolatkhah
Qashqai, locally called Torki-ye Qashqâyi 'Qashqai Turkic', is a language spoken in Iran by the Qashqai community who are mostly descendants of Turkic-speaking nomads immigrated to the south of Iran through centuries. They have been settled in rural and urban zones since decades. A small fraction of their population still practices the nomadic way of life and breeds livestock. Qashqai Turkic: A Comprehensive Corpus-based Grammar is a descriptive grammar. It is basically the amelioration and adaptation of the PhD dissertation of the author which was defended in December 2012 at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris. The book consists of an introduction, a grammatical description, a corpus of texts, and a glossary. The introduction provides general information on the Qashqai community and an account of the state of the art of the Qashqai language.
The grammar, composed of thirteen chapters, follows a traditional layout; it starts with the topics of phonology, continues with word classes and main topics of morphology, then it deals with the main chapters of the syntax. A final chapter briefly discusses the discourse structure. The corpus, selected from a large body of data, comprises various types of Qashqai oral literature. It also includes interviews that represent the spoken Qashqai of everyday life. The transcribed texts are grammatically annotated and translated into English.
ISBN 9783862889877 (Hardbound).  LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 91. 306pp. 2019.
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