LW/D 73: Kumal-Nepali-English Dictionary

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Kumal-Nepali-English Dictionary
Bhim Lal Gautam
Tribhuvan University
Kumal is a minor Indo Aryan language spoken in Nepal in terai and inner terai region. It is one of the least studied languages which need detailed study and documentation. This dictionary is based on the field research during 2000-2014 on different purposes in which the lexicons are collected from the speakers of Nawalparasi and Gorkha district of Nepal. This dictionary has been organized into two main sections. The first section provides the introduction of Kumal phonology and the guidelines of using the dictionary. The second part contains the Kumal-Nepali-English dictionary arranged in alphabetical order in Devanagari scripts with their equivalent meanings in English and Nepali.
Bhim Lal Gautam is a senior lecturer at the Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University Nepal. His research interests include language documentation and preservation, multilingualism, language contact and shift, language planning and policy.
ISBN 9783862889952. Languages of the World/Dictionaries 73. 89p. 2019.
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