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LSCOM 05: Languages in the Integrating World

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Languages in the Integrating World

Marie Krčmová (ed.)
Masaryk University

The book is devoted to one particular aspect of a problem which is quite topical in these days: how the integration of today’s world manifests itself in various languages. Integration is a reflection of relations between cultures, often additionally backed up by economical relations and also influenced by historical and political factors. Tendencies to disintegration parallelly taking place can lead as far as to the constitution of new languages or to the revival of cultural languages.


Marie Krčmová Trends of Sociolectal Integration and Disintegration: The Case of the Brno Sociolect - Peter Kosta The Problem of Language Minorities in the European Council - between Protection, Revitalization and Necessity of Saving Costs: The Example of the Sorbs/Wends in Germany - Anna Maria Perissutti The Friulian Language in Italy: Paths to a Value-Added Position - Susana Vilarchao Fragueiro A General Approach to the Situation of the Galician Language in Spain - Grażyna Balowska Óndra Łysohorsky and His Idea of the Lachian Language - Lilia Schürcks The Multi-Level Identity of Pomaks in Bulgaria as a Mirror of the Subtlety of Their Code-Switching.

Petr Karlík Intralanguage and Interlanguage Integration - Jiří Gazda Integration Tendencies in Word Formation in Current Slavonic Languages: Focussing on the Situation in Russian and Czech - Natália Kisel'ová Integration from the Viewpoint of Areal Linguistics - Jiřina Malá Aspects of the Stylistic Analysis of Film Reviews with respect to Linguistic and Cultural Integration - Anna Mikulová Emotionality, Expressivity and Evaluation - Integration in Languages and Linguistic Concepts - JitkaVlčková Matchmaking Advertisements and Societal Values - Jan Chovanec Linguistic Integration within European Integration:Czech and English Versions of Tobacco Product Health Warnings - Jana Chamonikolasová Discourse Markers in Czech and English Conversation - Milena Krhutová The Influence of English on the Czech Speciflc Texts on Electrical Engineering - Neil Bermel A Pilot Study on the Relationship between Corpus Data and Acceptability Judgments of Competing Forms - Sandra Birzer & Holger Nath Yiddish: A Thousand Years of Language Contact - Helena Karlíková Language Contacts of the Slavic and Arabic World (from the perspective of Czech).

ISBN 9783862902002 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Communication 05. 294pp. 2010.

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