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Lfc 27: An Ahom Cosmogony with a Translation and a Vocabulary of the Ahom Language

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An Ahom Cosmogony with a Translation and a  Vocabulary of the Ahom Language

G.A. Grierson

The Ahoms are a tribe of the Thai branch of the Indo-Chinese. They conquered Assam early in the thirteenth century A.D., and held it, as the ruling nation, for many centuries. Their language, which is now extinct, was an old form of the Thai language from which Siamese and Shand have sprung.

It is now known by tradition to a few priests of the old Ahom religion. It had a considerable literature (including several valuable historical works),manuscripts of which are still extant.[…] In the account of the cosmogony there is (except in the employment of a few words) nothing to show any connection with Buddhism. Indeed, so far from there being anything Indian about it, the opening verses curiously recall the cosmogony described in the Babylonian tablets. This makes the text of more than ordinary interest (Adapted from the introduction chapter). (re-edition; originally published 1904. Written in English).

ISBN 9783862881550. LINCOM facsimile collection 27. 58pp. 2011.

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