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LSASL 99: Advances in South Asian Linguistics

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Advances in South Asian Linguistics
Ghanshyam Sharma & John J. Lowe (eds.)
INALCO, Paris; Oriental Institute, Oxford
South Asian linguistics is a growing and rapidly advancing field, where sophisticated linguistic analysis of well-studied languages sits alongside ongoing description and initial linguistic study of previously undescribed languages. The rich diversity of the South Asian linguistic area offers up a constant source of new linguistic data, including new challenges to existing theoretical linguistic analyses which have been developed on the basis of typologically very different European languages.  This volume consists of a select set of research papers on South Asian linguistics, several of which were presented at the 35th South Asian Languages Analysis in Paris, in October 2019.
These papers, written by leading scholars in South Asian linguistics, attest a diverse range of theoretical perspectives and analytical frameworks, while focusing on important issues in South Asian linguistics, showcasing the breadth of research currently being undertaken in the field. The contributions to the volume range from syntax, semantics and phonology to language description and areal typology, and cover a wide range of languages, from well-studied Indo-Aryan languages such as Hindi and Bangla, through the Dravidian language Tamil to the understudied Tibeto-Burman language Baram.
Rajamathangi S.
Stripping in Tamil: The PF-deletion approach
Omkar N. Koul & Peter Edwin Hook
The noun phrase accessibility hierarchy and participial noun-modifying constructions in Hindi-Urdu, Kashmiri and Panjabi
Ghanshyam Sharma
On Hindi participials
Ali H. Birahimani, John J. Lowe
The stative primary aspect in Siraiki  
Anuradha Sudharsan
The rise of the Modern Kannada negatives
Liudmila V. Khokhlova
Metaphorical shifts in Western New Indo-Aryan Languages
Boris Zakharin
On certain semantic-grammatical correspondences between the Old Indo-Aryan (OIA) and Russian  
Preeti Kumari
Honorificity feature: a reanalysis of number in Bangla and Maithili  
Tanima Bagchi  & Rajesh Kumar
Honorification as a Directional Stabilizer in the Santal Community  
Dinesh Ramoo
Feature Geometry in Classical Tamil: A Case for New Perspectives on an Old Problem  
Devina Krishna
Lexical tones in Western Indo-Aryan languages  
Andrea Drocco
Braj-bhāṣā and the languages of Eastern Rajasthan. In search of a history of mutual relationship  
Anu Pandey
Morphophonology of Interrogative Pronouns in Kanauji and Hindi
Niladri Sekhar Dash
The Morphodynamics in Formation of Personal Pronominal Forms in the Mohanpurī Dialect Spoken across Bengal-Odisha Border
Romita Devi Ahanthem & Martin Everaert
The Status of the Baram Language in Mailung Village of Nepal
Sunil K. Bhatt: Punjabi
One Language, Two Nations, Three Religions  
Marcel Courthiade
Is double (or manifold) language areal belonging conceivable for a language?
ISBN 9783969391242 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 99. 500pp. 2023.
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