LSLT 33: Aspects of the grammar of names

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Aspects of the grammar of names
Empirical case studies and theoretical topics
Nataliya Levkovych & Julia Nintemann (eds.)
The articles of this volume contribute to the research of the grammar of names, a newly established and constantly growing linguistic field. Concentrating on two onymic categories, viz. person names (anthroponyms) and place names (toponyms), the five studies give insights into several aspects of the grammar of names, e.g. the position of onyms in the grammar system of a given language, morphosyntactic distinctive features of names, or the use of articles with onyms. The empirical evidence (synchronic as well as diachronic language data) for these studies comes primarily from Austronesian, Siouan, and Romance languages. Two in-depth studies on anthroponyms in a Siouan language spoken in North America and toponyms in an Austronesian language of Micronesia, respectively, are framed by comparative and typological surveys. By providing insight into the grammar of names both of individual languages and from a typological perspective, it is shown that onyms do not always share the same features as common nouns, although they are often treated as a subcategory of these. This volume thus contributes to the discussion on whether onyms can be subsumed under the same notion as common nouns or rather comprise a category on their own.
ISBN 9783969390078 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Language Typology 33. 191pp. 2020.
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