LW/D 52: Animales y plantas del pueblo kakataibo

LW/D 52: Animales y plantas del pueblo kakataibo

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Animales y plantas del pueblo kakataibo

Diccionario trilingüe (kakataibo, español, inglés) con identificaciones biológicas, índice alfabético castellano-kakataibo, clasificación semántica, nombres regionales y definiciones etnobiológicas

Roberto Zariquiey y David W. Fleck
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Con la colaboración de Alfredo Estrella; Emilio Estrella; Salomón Estrella; Ricardo Odicio y Ricardo Pereira

Animales y plantas del pueblo kakataibo is a trilingual (Kakataibo-Spanish-English) ethnobiological dictionary, which includes biological identifications, Regional Spanish names and ethnobiological definitions produced following an innovative methodology, based on a close collaboration between Kakataibo speakers, linguists and biologists. The dictionary also includes a Spanish-Kakataibo alphabetic index and a semantic classification of all the entries, based on biological taxonomy. The book is the result of two years of collaborative work and, during this time, an interdisciplinar and intercultural research team has documented the ethnobiological knowledge of the Kakataibo people, manifested in different discourse genres (from traditional narratives to medical recipies) and has developed a very detailed lexical database from which this dictionary has been produced. With more than 1250 entries, Animales y plantas del pueblo kakataibo constitutes the most ambicious effort for documenting the ethnobiological lexicon of the Kakataibo language and is perhaps one of the largest ethnobiological dictionaries available for any other Amazonian language.

ISBN 9783862885206 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/Dictionaries 52. 266pp. 2013.

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