LW/D 50: Modern Tula-English-Hausa Dictionary

LW/D 50: Modern Tula-English-Hausa Dictionary

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Modern Tula-English-Hausa Dictionary

A practical dictionary of Tula with English and Hausa meanings


Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu & Hannatu Ibrahim Polo
University of Maiduguri

The dictionary is written on the Tula Language. The word “Tula” refers both to the kingdom as well as the language. According to oral tradition, the Tula people are believed to be among the earliest linguistic group that migrated from middle-East (Egypt) to their present area (Gombe state) in Nigeria. Tula is classified under the Adamawa eastern group of languages, subgroup of the Niger-Kordofanian phylum.

The Modern Tula-English-Hausa Dictionary is the very first dictionary of its kind on the language. It has been observed that the dictionary analysis goes beyond the existing glossaries of the language. Apart from the English and Hausa translations, equivalents of several entries are enumerated with explanations. Examples and illustrations are given showing the context in which some words and their grammatical class can occur and are used.

Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu is professor of Linguistics in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of Maiduguri-Nigeria. Mrs Hannatu Ibrahim Polo is a Graduate of English and Linguistics, University of Maiduguri-Nigeria.

ISBN 9783862885183. Languages of the World/Dictionaries 50. 112pp. 2015.

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